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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Mosin Nagant M44 Sporterized

The Mosin Nagant M44 Sporterized

My first rifle I sporterized was a Mosin Nagant 762x54R. When I received it the stock was broke and non matching. My first task was to see how it shot. I took it to the range and shot about a six inch group. Looking at the end of the barrel I noticed it was not very good. I then disassembled the rifle and striped the action. Taking the barreled action to the lathe I took a 3/8 drill bit and counter-board the barrel about a half inch. The M44 has a step in the barrel at muzzle under the bayonet lug. To remove the lug you must remove the pin and press the lug off the barrel. I wanted to hide the step in the barrel by installing a muzzle brake. I took a piece of 1/2" black pipe and cut it a little longer than the step, drilled a series of small holes in it an attached to the barrel. I reassembled the action but did not want to use the broken stock, so I purchased a Ati synthetic stock from Midway USA. I then took it back to the range and the results was quite a difference. My group was now within 2" and the recoil was reduced. My next step was to put a scope on the rifle. I used a weaver #1 side mount which worked well for this rifle and the scope I chose was a 3x9x40 Russian. The M44 comes with a short straight bolt that would not work with a standard scope. This could be done by replacing the rear sight with a scout mount and a long eye relief scope. I cut the bolt handle off and purchased a new handle from Brownell's I welded the new handle on and it looked and worked very well. If you cannot do this your self I recommend contacting the Bolt Man He has bolts ready or send yours to him.

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